9 excuses why I stopped writing on my blog

9 excuses why I stopped writing on my blog

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote on my blog. It’s been a while, and I know that somehow I missed it but I also didn’t. This blog was one of the stable habits in my life, but somehow I lost this habit. And I tried to understand why this shift happened. Some are poor excuses, some things on my list are quite important.

Here are 9 ‘excuses’ why I stopped writing on my blog:

1. I got super lazy. During the last months, for sure I got lazier. I stopped running, I stopped doing regular exercise, and obviously, I stopped writing on my blog. I had a low-morale when I wanted to do some things…

2.…but at the same time I started cooking more. At least 3 evenings a week are spent on cooking. And, God, I love to cook! I started using my kitchen as a sanctuary. My place where I could create the perfect chaos, but also the place where I reconnect after a busy day. I cooked soups, ‘ciorbe’, pastas, stews, fish, pie, and cakes. Cooking is now a healthy and constant habit in my life.

3. I kept reading. I will never stop reading! And this will never change. 

4. Cheeky fact: on some evenings, I spent at least 1 hour searching for a wedding dress. My wedding dress. I had no idea this is so hard, and you must trust me that I’m not the bridezilla type at all.

5. I watched Dr. House like a binge-watcher. GOT wasn’t my cup of tea, but House gave me some things to think about, and the most important one was: friends, and relationships.

6. And speaking about friends and relationships, I started spending more time with the man I’m spending my life with. Which, again, might sound so simple (every person who’s in a relationship is doing this, isn’t it?), but spending time on good and bad times, and sharing experiences, and speaking about your fears, your desires, your life plans, speaking about everything in your life requires a huge amount of time and dedication. Being conscious and present in a relationship means not only sharing time together, but also connecting and thinking for and with the other person from time to time… otherwise it’s just another relationship, no?

7. And I tried to allocate time to friends and family. I allocated time to speak with my time regularly and to invest in new friendships here in London. I almost forgot how hard it can be to build trust, and to make new friends. 

8. I tried to know more about my neighbourhood. I joined Facebook groups. I started shopping from local shops, I visited places close to my house, and tried to know my neighbours. Probably because I missed my friends in Bucharest, or maybe simply because I want to learn as much as possible about the area where I live. This is usually happening during the weekend, when I have more free time.

9. I was afraid that my writing (especially writing in English) got worse simply because I stopped writing regularly. Sometimes, I have this feeling that I’m not good enough, even though this is my blog, so I shouldn’t care about others’ opinion. But still, I was afraid that I’m bad at writing

I thought and wanted to share these thoughts, as sometimes we make some changes in our lives which might lead to ruminations mixed with feelings of blame or shame. I know I can get lazy, and I stopped blaming myself, but doing this exercise helped me understand also the new and exciting things in my life. Don’t forget: life is constantly changing, and this is always for your own transformation.