friends and friends

So, yesterday I had a revelation. Probably most of you, think there is no revelation: there are friends and friends. Some of them are glad when you’re down, only because they’ve been there and they think something like that: now, I like you, cause you are where I was. (mean!). Others, to whom I want to thank, do not ask any question, they just want to help. And there are the ones that make you cry, cause they know you so well and they put in front of you all your fears and just say: you must stop complaining and do something! For them, you should try at least to start thinking about doing something (like: you do not sleep an entire night, and the next morning struggle with all your power to get the rocks moving).

P.S.: If I have a blog, doesn’t meat that all the posts are about me. It is something that everyone should know.