4 months in london

4 months in london

It’s 4 months since I moved to London. 4 months from which I learned so much and I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Even though until beginning of April I focused on  my master dissertation, a time where I stayed more days at home, and some bits I was going to an office for a part time job as a marketer, I learned a million things.

I learned that people ask you How are you  no matter how bad is their day, or if you are a stranger or someone they know. They are being polite and going shopping and being asked How are you was a relief for me. Because I was at home most of the days and I needed to speak with someone. I learned that you can be alone here, in this city full of people. Even if I wasn’t. My beloved is here next to me, every time, but still… I understood how it is to be alone. It’s like when you want to say something silly but you only have a toy next to you to share it with. Probably everyone who moves to new places experiences this at some level. Mine was bearable and I think I will totally laugh of it in a few months from now.

I learned that you have to stay very close to your inner self. People will try to drag you in their stories, and because you are new in this crazy town you will probably try to please them. It happens to me, and again my babe is the one who reminds me that I have to stick to myself. It can be quite hard… but hey, I’m lucky to have him by my sideto tell me all this.

I learned that yo have to claim your rights. If the letting agency is annoying, you have to let them know. If the sound from a MacDo next to you is too loud, you can complain and they have to respect your rights as a neighbour. If by any reason you got overcharged at the metro, you can claim your money back. And without having any headaches.

I learned that you can be whatever you want. I met a girl who is part time tennis coach, part time accountant and from time to time she works in a shopping centre. She came here 2 years ago, and she’s doing all these stuff only because she likes it. She said she can stop whenever she wants. And she also travels.

I learned that you have to focus on PR. When you want to present a small thing, a small project, almost everything big or small, you just have to be good with words. Just be prepared to have all the words with you, as many as you can. This is veeeery strange, and it’s hard to get used to it. Why do have to explain something so small that can be done within seconds? Well…

Almost all the things that I said I learned can be seen as bad or as good. It depends on each of us. And the hardest one that I’m working on it:

learning not to give a fuck.


At the end of the day I stare at the sky and remind myself that life is whatever you want it to be.