The London attitude

The London attitude

Yesterday, while I was trying to write a blog post about the usual life in London… it happened. Scrolling facebook I saw the news. It was happening. After a few minutes, live transmission started to appear on my news feed. Later, I found that I have 16 or 17 friends that were living in the same city as me or were in the area.
My first instinct – to call my beloved one. We just spoke a little, I knew he was fine because he wasn’t in the area. I called my mother because I know how the news at home may appear.

I live pretty close to the Houses of Parliament. So it was awkward for me to actually think that this is happening. The sirens of police cars and ambulances on the streets started sounding one after another, after another…
It was almost an hour after the attack and I saw from my balcony how the street got silent. Fewer people and even less cars were passing by. I was ok but I wasn’t. It was that feeling of insecurity that kept bouncing in my head. Later, at rush hour, streets were filled with cars, bicycles and people. A lot more people than usual, and the street was blocked.

No honk, as usual. Even they were trapped in traffic, longer than usual.
These people with their patience gave me a good vibe. Later I saw the news with #wearenotaffraid and the titles with a confident attitude.
This gave me time to think. The right attitude makes the difference. In hard or happy times.
It’s always the attitude…

(I felt overwhelmed when people from home were asking how we are. I felt relieved to see people I knew that were ok. I felt emotionally sad for the ones that were there yesterday…)

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